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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


RDP connection to the container and access to it's Power Panel (https://CT.IP.ADD.RESS:4643) stops working unexpectedly.

Disabling Offline management for the container from the node side and then enabling it back solves the issue for some time. After a while the problem reoccurs.

Applications working inside the container also suffer from network outages.


There is an IP collision in the network, e g:

# arping
ARPING from eth0
Unicast reply from [D4:AE:52:64:91:F5]  1.471ms
Unicast reply from [90:B1:1C:54:2F:80]  310.980ms
Unicast reply from [90:B1:1C:54:2F:80]  0.807ms
Unicast reply from [90:B1:1C:54:2F:80]  0.743ms
Unicast reply from [90:B1:1C:54:2F:80]  0.819ms
Sent 4 probes (1 broadcast(s))
Received 5 response(s)

"Arping" from a random Linux node returns replies from 2 different MAC addresses.


Contact your network administrator to determine what machine causes MAC address conflict.

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