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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7


After preforming a force reboot from inside the container ("reboot -f") the container stays in "mounted" state.


Simple "reboot" inside the container causes the execution of the runlevel 6 scripts, including "vzreboot".

This script creates a 'reboot' file in the root directory of the container. The presence if this file is detected by the "/etc/cron.d/vereboot" job on the node - and the container is started.

In case "reboot" was performed with "-f" option - execution of the scripts is skipped. As a result - the 'reboot' mark is not created and the container is not started from the node - it is left in the 'mounted' state.

A similar situation will be observed in case "/etc/cron.d/vereboot" cron task is manually disabled/deleted on the node: "vzreboot" script will create the 'reboot' mark in the root directory, the container will go and remain in "mounted" state.


Use "reboot" without "-f" option inside the container.

Check that "/etc/cron.d/vereboot" cron task is present and enabled on the node.

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