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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


  1. Container snapshot creation fails:

    [pcs-node ~]# prlctl snapshot CT101
    Creating the snapshot...
    Failed to create the snapshot: PRL_ERR_VZCTL_OPERATION_FAILED
  2. Similar error message can be found in the "/var/log/parallels.log" file:

    11-13 05:55:34.410 F /virtuozzo:2489:169710/ /usr/sbin/vzctl utility failed: /usr/sbin/vzctl snapshot 101 --uuid {7b6485b8-e384-4b86-b1c6-408ef0ffeb94} --env [156]
    out=Creating snapshot {5b6055b8-e394-4b86-b1c6-408ef0ffeb94}
    Storing /vz/private/101/Snapshots.xml.tmp
    Setting up checkpoint...
    err=Error: No checkpointing support, unable to open /proc/cpt: No such file or directory
    No checkpointing support is available; unable to open /proc/cpt
    Failed to create snapshot


Necessary modules are not loaded on the node:

[pcs-node ~]# lsmod | grep cpt
[pcs-node ~]#


Use the following command to load the necessary modules:

[pcs-node ~]# service vz init
Starting Parallels Cloud Server:                           [  OK  ]
Load OOM groups                                            [  OK  ]

Check that the modules were loaded:

[pcs-node ~]# lsmod | grep cpt
vzcptpram               4574  0
vzcpt                 150923  3 vzcptpram,vzrst,vzfs
nfs                   442848  3 vzrst,pio_nfs,vzcpt
vzmon                  24486  17 vzredir,vzrst,vznetdev,vzcpt,vzlist,vzstat
nf_conntrack           80313  6 xt_conntrack,vzrst,vzcpt,iptable_nat,nf_nat,nf_conntrack_ipv4

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unable to open /proc/cpt

No checkpointing support

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