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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


Virtual machine cannot be migrated with a similar error message:

# pmigrate v v localhost's password:
Migrate the VM on localhost ()

Failed to migrate the VM: Unable to create the directory "%1" on the backup
server. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact your system
administrator for assistance.
/usr/bin/prlctl failed, exitcode=255

Similar error messages can be found in "/var/log/parallels.log" on the destination node:

11-04 08:35:59.917 F /cmn_utils:9602:201441/ Unable to create directory by invalid mask =65536(err: perm=0, other=65536 ), path='/pstorage/storage'
11-04 08:35:59.918 F /disp:9602:201441/ [run_body] Cannot create "/pstorage/storage/myvm.pvm" directory
11-04 08:35:59.918 F /disp:9602:201441/ CDspClientManager::getSessionsListByVm: Can't found vm by vmId={b5b74e99-ea0d-4081-a8d4-20e98e51bcc2}, dirId={ed68f23f-be30-4fc9-8ec8-d31174ad7adc})
11-04 08:35:59.918 F /disp:9602:201441/ Task '20Task_MigrateVmTarget' with uuid = {52a4a074-e7c4-473c-b2e2-6d4025cc5419} was finished with result PRL_ERR_BACKUP_CANNOT_CREATE_DIRECTORY (0x80037009) )


It is not possible to create a directory for the VM on the target host. Permissions on the home directory can be incorrect, or pstorage cluster can be inaccessible in case the node is a client of a pstorage cluster.


Check which Home directory is configured for the virtual machines:

# prlsrvctl info | grep -i Home
VM home: /pstorage/storage

Check whether the directory is accessible:

# ll /pstorage/storage
ls: cannot access /pstorage/storage: Transport endpoint is not connected

If the node is a member of a pstorage cluster and the message above is displayed, restart "pstorage-fs" service:

# service pstorage-fs restart

In case the node is not part of pstorage and the folder is accessible, check permissions on the folder.

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