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The following WordPress configuration fields are not translated if the user is logged with non-English locale:

Administrator's email
Site name
Interface language

Your text to link here...


User is logged in Plesk Panel with non-English locale which is unsupported by Wordpress application. The required language is not included in APP-META.xml


You have logged in Plesk panel with Ukrainian locale. But this language is not supported by Wordpress application itself. See the part of APP-META.xml file below:

        <setting class="value" id="admin_email" type="email"> 
                <name>Administrator's email</name> 
                <name xml:lang="en-US">Administrator's email</name> 
                <name xml:lang="fr-FR">E-mail de l'administrateur</name> 
                <name xml:lang="de-DE">Benutzername des Administrators</name> 
                <name xml:lang="es-ES">Correo electrónico del administrador</name> 
                <name xml:lang="pl-PL">E-mail administratora</name> 
                <name xml:lang="ru-RU">E-mail администратора</name> 
                <name xml:lang="pt-BR">E-mail do administrador</name> 
<group class="fn n"> 
    <setting class="organization-name" default-value="My CMS" id="title" min-length="1" type="string"> 
          <name>Site name</name> 
        <name xml:lang="en-US">Site name</name> 
        <name xml:lang="fr-FR">Nom du site</name> 
        <name xml:lang="de-DE">Website-Name</name> 
         <name xml:lang="es-ES">nombre del sitio</name> 
         <name xml:lang="pl-PL">Nazwa strony</name> 
          <name xml:lang="ru-RU">Название сайта</name> 
                  <name xml:lang="pt-BR">Nome do site</name> 

As you can see there is no Ukrainian language in the APP-META.xml file. Configuration fields will have correct translation in case a user is logged with one of the following languages:


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