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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk for Linux/Unix
  • Plesk for Windows


While performing restoration of domain backup or when trying to create a some object in Plesk, I am getting:

Unable to create <resource type>: There are no available resources of this type (<resource type>) left. Requested: 1; available: 0.

Where 'resource type' is: database, domain, mailbox etc.


Subscription does not have databases (other resources) allowed.


Check the following:

  1. Plesk license allows to create resources of this type (Tools and Settings > License Management).

  2. Subcription service plan has enough resources (Subscriptions > domain.tld > Service plan ).

  3. If the subscription is locked check the customized resources (Subscriptions > domain.tld > Customize)

If the subscription assigned to the customer created by reseller, then verify reseller's resources avilability:

  1. Reseller' service plan has not enough resources (Service Plans > Reseller Plans ).

  2. If the reseller' subscription is locked check the customized resources (Resellers > My reseller > Customize)

Locked state means locked for syncing, indicates that a subscription is excluded from syncing with the associated plans.

A subscription gets locked if you change the parameters of the subscription, without changing the associated service plan. Such locking secures your customizations so that they are not overwritten the next time, when you change the plan and all its subscriptions are synced.

Unsynced state indicates that some services or resources offered with the associated plans cannot actually be provided with the subscription.

Read more about relationship between plans and subscriptions.

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MSSQL databases left

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There are no available resources of this type

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