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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


  • After logging in to Plesk, the following error is shown:

    Error message or request description : Message  Permission denied
    File     Hierarchical.php
    Line    105
    Type    Exception
  • also the following error might be shown:

    ERROR: Exception Permission denied
  • two core packages are installed on the server:

    # rpm -qa | grep plesk-core


This is a result of failed Plesk upgrade: plesk-core package is not installed properly or two plesk-core versions are installed.


  1. If two core packages are installed on the server:

    1.1 Remove both packages as below:

    # rpm -e plesk-core-12.0.18-cos6.build1200140606.15.x86_64 --nodeps --noscripts
    # rpm -e plesk-core-11.5.30-cos6.build115130819.13.x86_64 --nodeps --noscripts
    # rpm -e --nodeps --justdb --noscripts plesk-core

    1.2 Reinstall plesk-core through autoinstaller:

    # /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/autoinstaller
    Please select the components of Parallels Plesk Panel you want to install:
     1. [=] Base packages of Parallels Plesk Panel
     2. [ ] Parallels Plesk Panel                  <<<----------- select to install Plesk.
     3. [=] BIND DNS server support
     4. [=] Plesk Updater
     5. [ ] PostgreSQL server support
     6. [=] Plesk migration manager
     7. [=] Health monitor
  2. If only 1 core package is installed on the server:

    2.1 Download plesk-core package for same version from Plesk installer URL like:

    2.2 Update the package using the command below:

    rpm -Uvh --force

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ERROR: Exception Permission denied

ERROR: Exception Up Level Permission denied

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