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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


PDRS relocation mode does not work. Similar messages can be found in logs:

In /var/log/pdrs.log:

23-09-14 17:03:17.871 open(/pcs/.drs/memory.node_list) : No such file or directory
23-09-14 17:03:17.872 command failed with error '2'

In /var/log/shaman.log:

23-09-14 17:03:16.700 shaman-monitor(691656): Trying to evacuate the node 'md.cdf862e2e665320c' using the 'drs' mode...
23-09-14 17:03:17.872 shaman-monitor(691656): pdrs_schedule : command failed with error '2'
23-09-14 17:03:17.874 shaman-monitor(691656): /usr/share/shaman/pdrs_schedule exited with code 2 


PRDS relocation mode does not work due to inability to find /<pstorage_mount_mount>/.drs/memory.node_list file. This file contains information about all nodes in cluster joined into a shaman, specifically their current resources usage (license, ram, etc..). This data is used to decide a most suitable node for relocation.


File is generated by PRDS service with the use of SNMP protocol. Verify that all prerequisites are fulfilled:

  1. Make sure necessary packages are installed:

    # yum install shaman pdrs rmond
  2. Make sure services are running:

    # service snmpd status
    # service pdrsd status
    # service shamand status

    Start services if any of them is stopped

  3. Check iptables to ensure SNMP traffic is not dropped

  4. Make sure snmpd is properly configured

    Snmpd configuration file, /etc/snmp/snmpd.local.conf, should contain similar records:

    rwcommunity parallels .
    rwcommunity parallels <IP_network/subnet_mask> .

    Where IP_network is the Parallels Cloud Storage cluster network address and subnet_mask covers all the nodes participating in the cluster.

  5. Restart services snmpd, pdrsd, shamand if changes to snmpd.local.conf were made:

    # service snmpd restart
    # service pdrsd restart
    # service shamand restart

Tip! It might take a while to populate the file, give it some time. If after an hour file is not populated you may attempt to restart services again (on all nodes in cluster).

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/usr/share/shaman/pdrs_schedule exited with code 2

open(/pcs/.drs/memory.node_list) : No such file or directory



pdrs_schedule : command failed with error '2'

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