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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


Chunk Services running on a same host are getting inactive simultaneously:

18-03-15 08:20:05  MDS WRN CS#1092, CS#1091, CS#1096, CS#1098, CS#1190, CS#1095 are inactive
18-03-15 08:20:05  MDS WRN The cluster is degraded with 200 active, 6 inactive, 0 offline CS
18-03-15 08:20:06  MDS WRN CS#1094, CS#1093 are inactive
18-03-15 08:20:22  MDS INF CS#1092, CS#1091, CS#1095, CS#1096, CS#1094, CS#1190, CS#1093, CS#1098 are active

Following message can be observed in any chunk service log (/var/log/pstorage/<CLUSTER_NAME>/cs-<CS_ID>/cs.log.gz):

18-03-15 08:20:22.621 monitor process executed 20307 ms
18-03-15 08:20:22.622 watchdog: pcs loop was not working for 20 sec

Note!: time (20 seconds) would be different in each separate case


Chunk Service processes were frozen by external request. KernelCare software freezes all user-space processes when it applies new patches to the kernel:

Mar 18 08:20:02 pcs kcare: Updates already downloaded
Mar 18 08:20:22 pcs kernel: [954231.967668] Freezing user space processes ... 

Chunk Services are user-space processes, therefore they get frozen as well. Once KernelCare completes update - services will be back online.


Applying patches to the kernel without interrupting services is impossible. This behavior should be expected and taken into an account when scheduling KernelCare updates. Consider applying updates in a non-business hours to minimize impact.

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