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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 10.4 for Linux/Unix


Plesk upgrade process failed with error:

    changing ownership of '/usr/sbin/suexec': Operation not permitted


File /usr/sbin/suexec has immutable attribute. Therefore even root user cannot change the file.

    # lsattr /usr/sbin/suexec
    ----i-------- /usr/sbin/suexec


Remove immutable attribute as below:

    # chattr -i /usr/sbin/suexec

    # lsattr /usr/sbin/suexec
    ------------- /usr/sbin/suexec

    # chown root:apache /usr/sbin/suexec
    # ll /usr/sbin/suexec
    -r-s--x--- 1 root apache 14264 Aug 14 00:31 /usr/sbin/suexec

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update parallels

ERROR while trying to chown root:apache /usr/sbin/suexec Check the error reason(see log file: /tmp/plesk_10.4.4_installation.log), fix and try again

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