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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


In fresh installed Plesk 12, there is a ssh-iptables fail2ban jail that is configured and enabled by default.

Jail configuration has a sendmail line for sending an email when a ban is made, and the email addresses in the config are invalid.

sendmail-whois[name=SSH,,, sendername="Fail2Ban"]

This causes emails to be stuck in the postfix queue.

May this default configuration be changed in one of the next Plesk MU?


This configuration related to pre-configured jail which comes with fail2ban package.
Please note that fail2ban package is installed from default yum/apt-get repository and Odin does not change default configuration.

According to our documentation:

  • Certain not Plesk-specific jails that come pre-configured in Fail2Ban may fail to activate. They need to be properly configured first.

Please note that all Plesk jails added by Odin have "plesk-" prefix in name.


To suggest changes in default fail2ban jail configuration you can contact Fail2ban Community or suggest a feature on Plesk User Voice portal.

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