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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


In PACI environment few virtual machines are in suspended or stopping state and cannot be started on PCS server after updating to PCS 6 update 9.

  1. In /var/log/parallels.log

    Timeout reached while waiting for a reply from the VNC server.
    Start VNC server failed with error code: 80035003 'PRL_ERR_FAILED_TO_START_VNC_SERVER'
  2. A lot of stunnel errors are logged in parallels.log:

    ~# grep "Error: the stunnel has quitted unexectedly" /var/log/parallels.log | wc -l
  3. Old stunnel package is installed:

    ~# rpm -q stunnel


stunnel package wasn't updated to the version 4.29-3.el6_6.1 from parallels-cloud-server repo. For example, it was excluded globally to address bug PSBM-31110 :

~# grep ^exclude /etc/yum* -r
/etc/yum/parallels-excludes:exclude=kernel lve* stunnel*

For more information, see:

124293 All operations on virtual machines in PACI get stuck - Error: the stunnel has quitted unexectedly


Remove stunnel from excluded packages:

~# diff /etc/yum/parallels-excludes{,.back}
< exclude=kernel lve*
> exclude=kernel lve* stunnel*

Update stunnel to 4.29-3.el6_6.1:

~# yum install stunnel

Virtual machines should be resumed automatically then, however you might need to stop some of them forcibly and start again:

To start virtual machines in stopping state, dispatcher should be restarted:

~# service parallels-server restart

NOTE: restarting Dispatcher is required and it will restart all Virtual Environments (both Containers and Virtual Machines)

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Error: the stunnel has quitted unexectedly



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