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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 6.0
  • Web Presence Builder
  • Plesk for Linux/Unix


According to official statement AuthSub for Google Accounts is going away.

Will this affect Access to the Google Services from Presence Builder?


Users of Presence Builder can use several Google services on their sites which requires an AuthSub authentificatoin from Presence Builder:

  • Google Analytics
  • Picasa Web Albums

Since the 20th of April when AuthSub support is shut down by Google, the errors in work of modules above can appear.

NOTE: An existing sites with Picasa Web Albums continues to operate normally even in case of republishing.

To avoid errors in Web Presence Builder please apply the following workaround. Please switch off the Google services for Presence Builder users:

  1. On the Presence Builder server, add the following lines to the [general] section of /usr/local/sb/config file:

    # vi /usr/local/sb/config
    google_analytics_enabled = false
    picasa_enabled = false

    NOTE: In OSA installations of Presence Builder its root directory differs from default.

    # find / -name "SB"

    To find the location of Presence builder directory.

    1.1. If the step above does not help and the error still persists switch off the following services as well:

    • Google Fonts
    • Google Maps
    • Google site search

      # vi /usr/local/sb/config
      google_search_enabled = false
      google_fonts_enabled = false
      hidden_widgets= map

    1.2. Also, if you have Presence Builder 12.0.7 (not 12.0.6 or 12.0.5) it is necessary to apply the following patch after Step 1 is done and Google services are switched off:

    1. Download the patch

      # wget 
    2. Unzip the patch

      # unzip
    3. Back up the following files

      # cp /usr/local/sb/htdocs/js/minimized/Editor.js{,.orig}
      # cp /usr/local/sb/htdocs/js/Sb/editor/SettingsPanel.js{,.orig}
    4. Replace these files with files from attachment:

      # cp htdocs/js/minimized/Editor.js /usr/local/sb/htdocs/js/minimized/Editor.js
      # cp htdocs/js/Sb/editor/SettingsPanel.js /usr/local/sb/htdocs/js/Sb/editor/SettingsPanel.js

Note. It is always recommended to have the latest version of installed product. If the version of you Presence Builder is not 12.0.7, consider installing all the latest updates according to documentation.

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