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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk for Windows


How to configure secure FTP in Plesk for Windows?


FTPS (SSL/TLS) is available in two incompatible modes:

  1. Explicit FTPS (FTPES, which work on port 21)

  2. Implicit FTPS (FTPES, which work on port 990)

By default, Plesk supports explicit FTPS only. However, implicit FTPS can be turned on if required.

  1. Explicit FTPS (FTPES, which works on port 21): To allow FTPS connections to a server, go to:

    Tools & Settings > Security Policy > in FTPS usage policy choose either one of the following:

    • Allow only secure FTPS connections
    • Allow both secure FTPS and non-secure FTP connections

    But we recommend that only FTPS connections are allowed. Note that it is required to comply with the PCI DSS standard. Visit Plesk Advanced Administrator Guide for Windows for more details about PCI DSS stantard compliance.

  2. Implicit FTPS (FTPS, which works on port 990): for details about setting up Implicit FTPS, visit Plesk Advanced Administrator Guide.

FTP over SSL can be activated with following steps:

  1. Allow using custom FTPS settings per IP address in Tools & Settings > Security Policy

  2. Configure FTPS in Tools & Settings > IP addresses > Allow both secure FTPS and non-secure FTP connections

Additional information

It is not possible to use SFTP in Plesk for Windows as SFTP only used on Linux environment.

SFTP abbreviation is often mistakenly used to specify some kind of Secure FTP, by which people most often mean FTPS (secure FTP). Also, SFTP is thought to be some kind of FTP over SSL. In fact, SFTP is an abbreviation of “SSH File Transfer Protocol”. This is neither FTP over SSL, nor FTP over SSH (which is also technically possible, but very rare).

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