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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


Migration from Ensim to Plesk fails with following error:

Unable to find logs corresponding to the failed task. For details see /var/log/plesk/PMM/pmmcli.log 

Backup logs contains the following error:

[2014-09-12 03:03:40.699|12888] DEBG: remote stderr ->
Can't call method "isa" without a package or object reference at shared_legacy/ line 194.
 at shared_legacy/ line 194
        XmlNode::addChild('XmlNode=HASH(0xa5336dc)', '') called at line 451
        Agent::_getDomainPHostingNode('') called at line 340
        Agent::_getDomainNode('', 'HASH(0xa42d81c)') called at line 170
        Agent::getClient('', 'HASH(0xa42d81c)') called at shared_legacy/ line 711
        DumpComposer::_selectionDumpProcessClient('', 'ARRAY(0x9d6c2a8)', 'HASH(0xa212cf8)', 'HASH(0xa42d81c)') called at shared_legacy/ line 559
        DumpComposer::_walkTree('undef', 'HASH(0xa439a64)', 'HASH(0xa212cf8)', 'HASH(0xa42d81c)') called at shared_legacy/ line 555
        DumpComposer::_walkTree('HASH(0x9d6c488)', 'HASH(0xa439a64)', 'HASH(0xa212cf8)', 'HASH(0xa42d81c)') called at shared_legacy/ line 89
        DumpComposer::makeDump('/var/cache/20140912030057380', 'ARRAY(0x995359c)', 'ARRAY(0xa2c58ac)', 'ARRAY(0xa2c587c)', 'undef', 'undef', 'undef', 1, 'undef', ...) called at shared_legacy/ line 203
        AgentCLI::main() called at /var/cache/20140912030057380/ line 14

[2014-09-12 03:03:40.739|12888] DEBG: Execution finished with return code 9
[2014-09-12 03:03:40.739|12888] DEBG: Closed
[2014-09-12 03:03:40.741|12888] DEBG: SSH session finished
[2014-09-12 03:03:40.741|12888] INFO: CantRetrieveDump[51bfc0de-82a1-4e6b-8ef4-3dd7d9c82f55]: Error during dump retrieval [./actions.cpp:501]
virtual void plesk::RetrieveDumpAction::execute()
Inner exception:
CantRetrieveDumpFile[ecab5e18-5c9c-4ca0-8885-e940c4a93d3f]: Error during dump file retrieving.
Remote agent failed with the following stderr messages: Can't call method "isa" without a package or object reference at shared_legacy/ line 194.


Directory /home/virtual/ is empty on source Ensim server.


Create dummy file in /home/virtual/ dir and rerun migration:

touch /home/virtual/

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