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Windows container to virtual machine migration fails on 40%:

[root@virtuozzo ~]# pmigrate c administrator@ v WindowsVM
Connecting to administrator@
Querying configuration...
Operation progress 40 %
Error: Failed to migrate PVC 101
An internal error occurred on the source server. For details, see the log file on the source server:
* On Linux - /var/log/parallels.log
* On Windows - %SystemDir%\Logs\Parallels.log

In %SystemDir%\Logs\Parallels.log the following errors are logged:

I /VzMigration:25572:1f42c/
    vzNbdMigComplete: nbdmig[1995741820] preparing for migration (0)

F /VzMigration:25572:1f42c/
    VZ ERROR   : (e:\build\4.6.490.0\sources\virtuozzo\vzwin\vzmain\vznbdmig\vznbdmig.c:897)

F /VzMigration:25572:1f42c/
    vzNbdMigComplete: nbdmig[1995741820] failed to prepare container clone for migration (207)

F /VzMigration:25572:1f42c/ Registering error 207 on stage 6
F /VzMigration:25572:1f42c/ Vz Complete error - main complete failed
F /VzMigration:25572:1f42c/ Error on stage stage 6
F /ComputerDataNoSDK:25572:1f42c/ TR00020.16:        0
I /ComputerDataNoSDK:25572:1f42c/ TR00052.14:        63;     0x8b6300e;      0x8b22002;      0;      0x8000000
I /AgentCoreNoSDK:25572:76c0/ AG00005.08:     -- CXmlPacket::perform -- CXmlPacket::pvcMigration -- CLocalComputer::process -- CLocalComputer::vzMigrator;    -- Failed to perform xml packet --    

Failed PVC migration -- Error during container migration;   146157582

Corresponding error in C:\vzlog\YYYY-MM-DD-vzlog.log:

A=VzSrv; P=3492.42452; S=VZSRV; F=build\4.6.490.0\sources\virtuozzo\vzwin\vzmain\vzsrv\v2p.c,getSystemVolumePrefixPath,930; L=ERROR; R=cf(207); C=0(0); M=207 [\Device\HarddiskVolume1] Invalid device '\Device\HarddiskVolume1'

Source server uses Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).


c2v migration from UEFI hosts is supported since Virtuozzo containers for Windows 6.0 update 23 and Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6 update 85.


Install pending updates on the source server, reboot it, and restart the migration.

Search Words

Invalid device

failed to prepare container clone for migration

Registering error 207 on stage 6

Error during container migration; 146157582



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