Article ID: 125548, created on May 18, 2015, last review on Jun 17, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


After successful Windows container to virtual machine migration additional disk, attached to the source container as a loopback drive, shown as empty.

Drive was attached with explicitly specified disktype:

 C:\> vzctl set 101 --drive d: --disktype compact


C:\> vzctl set 101 --drive d: --disktype plain

As a result, source container has lpbktype option in its configuration file:

C:\> select-string "DRIVE_D" C:\vz\Conf\101.conf



Additional loopback drive is not being transferred during c2v migration, if disk type was defined explicitly. This issue was recognized as a product bug with internal ID #PCWIN-22344.


The bug was fixed in Virtuozzo containers for Windows 6.0 update 23 and Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6 update 85.

Install pending updates on the source server, reboot it, and restart the migration.

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