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After the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) architecture is installed and configured, SWsoft provides processes to address updates to both the operating system and PVC itself.

To stay current with your PVC updates, simply leave the Virtuozzo Update service up and running. The vzupsvc.exe process (Virtuozzo Update service which is run automatically after PVC installation) monitors for any updates to PVC and installs them as they are released by SWsoft.

To configure this service, please run Start, Programs, SWSoft, Virtuozzo, and Virtuozzo Update monitor. The gray icon should appear next to the clock. Right-click on it and choose the Settings option. Here you'll find settings equal to those of the Microsoft Windows Update service.

You can configure the Virtuozzo Update service to use proxy settings in case it is required. To do so,  run Start, Programs, SWSoft, Virtuozzo, and Virtuozzo Update Wizard, and click the Proxy Settings button.

To stay current with Windows updates to your PVC server, simply leave the Automatic Update service up and running. This process will monitor and download approved Microsoft updates from the Windows Update Server (WUS) hosted at SWsoft. This WUS server is a mirror of the Microsoft WUS. Prior to transmitting these Windows updates to the registered PVC server, SWsoft constantly monitors, tests, and approves all Microsoft updates. These updates include major service packs and any related hotfixes.

If a situation arises where it is necessary to deploy a Microsoft Security patch before it is approved, you may do so after some internal testing through your own patch management system, or deploy it manually.

In this commonly used scenario, Virtuozzo provides a well-automated and secure method for the retrieval and installation of both Windows and PVC updates.

Please see How to keep PVC for Windows server up-to-date as well.

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