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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


  • vzpkg update fails after converting container to ploop:

    ~# vzpkg update $CTID
    Error: fopen("/vz/private/$CTID/templates/vzpackages") error: No such file or directory
  • It is impossible to list 'Software Packages' in container's Power Panel, it fails with the following error:

    Failed to retrieve the current status of the installed packages.
  • c2v migration is not working for this container:

    ~# pmigrate c 101 v VM_101
    Connecting to local agent...
    Querying configuration...
    Operation progress 22 %
    Error: Failed to migrate PVC 101
    Unable to download one or more packages to the source server. Check the repository settings on the source server.


The issue is caused by a flaw in converting mechanism, known under internal ID PSBM-33781.


PSBM-33781 is fixed in Vrtuozzo 6.0 Update 10 6.0.10-3142. Install pending updates to avoid this issue for further converts.

To fix already failed converts, set SCAN_PRIVATE to "yes" to assure that the vzpackages file will list all packages (and their versions) installed in the container by Virtuozzo package management tools based on existing links from the container's private area. Edit /etc/vztt/vztt.conf:

~# grep SCAN_PRIVATE /etc/vztt/vztt.conf 
~# sed -i 's/#SCAN_PRIVATE/SCAN_PRIVATE/' /etc/vztt/vztt.conf 
~# grep SCAN_PRIVATE /etc/vztt/vztt.conf 

Then sync packages for the affected container:

~# vzpkg sync_vzpackages $CTID

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error: No such file or directory

Error: fopen

No such file or directory

Unable to download one or more packages to the source server

convert to ploop


c2v migration fails

Check the repository settings

vzpkg update

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