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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


It is not possible to create a new virtual machine based on the template:

~# prlctl create myVM --ostemplate mytemplate
Creating the VM on the basis of the mytemplate template...
Clone the mytemplate VM to VM myVM...

Failed to clone the VM: Unable to complete the operation for the virtual machine "myVM". The virtual machine ID is invalid. To resolve the problem, remove the virtual machine from the list and add it again.


Template configuration file has VM identifier which differs from the one that is stored in Virtuozzo Dispatcher.


If you meet this issue, it is recommended to contact Odin Technical Support in order to identify the root cause and permanent resolution. If solving a particular occurrence is more important, the following workaround can be used:


Compare the identifiers in config.pvs file and in prlctl list output:

~# grep '<VmUuid' /var/parallels/mytemplate.pvm/config.pvs

~# prlctl list -t
    UUID                                    DIST            T  NAME
    {14a5b170-dad2-4269-a029-073488590ef9}  win-2008        VM mytemplate

If they differ, unregister the template from the node and register it back:

~# prlctl unregister mytemplate
~# prlctl register /var/parallels/mytemplate.pvm

More details about registering the virtual machines can be found in the following article:

119203 How to register virtual environments manually?

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The virtual machine ID is invalid



To resolve the problem, remove the virtual machine from the list and add it again.

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