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What are the recommendations for configuring CS journals and client cache


advise-configuration tool should help to choose the best SSD configuration, e.g.:

# pstorage -c pstorage1 advise-configuration --cs /hdd1 --cs /hdd2 --cs /hdd3 --ssd /ssd -m /mnt/pstorage
You have the following setup:
CS on /hdd3 -- Total disk space 125.9GB
CS on /hdd2 -- Total disk space 125.9GB
CS on /hdd1 -- Total disk space 97.2GB
SSD on /ssd -- Total disk space 12.4GB
Proposed server configuration
- 5.4GB (43%) for CS journals, 5.4GB (43%) for mount read cache,
1.5GB (12%) reserved (including 349MB checksums for 349.2GB of data)
- CS journal sizes:
1.9GB for /hdd3
1.9GB for /hdd2
1.5GB for /hdd1
How to setup the node:
pstorage -c pcs1 make-cs -r /hdd3 -j /ssd/cs3-pcs1-journal -s 2015
pstorage -c pcs1 make-cs -r /hdd2 -j /ssd/cs2-pcs1-journal -s 2015
pstorage -c pcs1 make-cs -r /hdd1 -j /ssd/cs1-pcs1-journal -s 1555
pstorage-mount -c pcs1 /mnt/pstorage -C /ssd/pstorage-pcs1-cache -R 5585
Mount option for automatic cluster mount from /etc/fstab:
pcs1 /mnt/pstorage fuse.pstorage cache=/ssd/pstorage-pcs1-cache,cachesize=5585

in the example above all mount points for regular HDD were passed with --cs option, all mount points for SSD drives were passed with --ssd option, cluster storage mount point was passed with -m option.

advise-configuration tool splits SSD drives equally between journals and client caches, resulting scheme should be close to the following:

  • 20 % reserved for checksums and emergency needs and also to prevent the SSD from filling up completely (because its performance would then degrade),
  • 40 % for read cache,
  • 40 % for write journals,

Such configuration is considered to be suitable for most cases, however, it is possible to map SSD with priority of journals space or client caches if a node holds more than average number of CSs or VEs.

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