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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


After several cycles of creating and removing virtual machine snapshots, a lot of disk space is not getting freed up, there's a discrepancy between df and du command outputs:

[root@vz ~]# df -h /vz
                      509G  301G  182G  63% /vz 

[root@vz ~]# du -sh /vz
207G    /vz

A lot of deleted .mem files from Snapshots directory are locked by prl_vm_app process(es):

[root@vz ~]# lsof 2>/dev/null | grep deleted
prl_vm_ap  51044    root   49u      REG              253,2   2895114304   26869805  (deleted)/vz/vmprivate/test.pvm/Snapshots/{cd491746-7b48-4480-9b8b-320968831fc8}.mem
prl_vm_ap  51044    root   50u      REG              253,2  10708435008   26869800  (deleted)/vz/vmprivate/test.pvm/Snapshots/{3bb797c4-70f2-4688-81ae-a48bf5124c45}.mem
prl_vm_ap  51044    root   93u      REG              253,2  10838761536   26869808  (deleted)/vz/vmprivate/test.pvm/Snapshots/{e7326a0c-7317-464c-a6fb-6a535a03a609}.mem
prl_vm_ap  51044    root   94u      REG              253,2  10097254464   26869782  (deleted)/vz/vmprivate/test.pvm/Snapshots/{30aa821d-5607-4fb7-9b2a-04ad721d4ea6}.mem
prl_vm_ap  51044    root  101u      REG              253,2  11352576064   26869830  (deleted)/vz/vmprivate/test.pvm/Snapshots/{92f875c8-4fc5-4c15-af9e-96b81c2f9f73}.mem


This behavior is recognized as a product issue with internal ID PSBM-34901.


Suspend and resume the virtual machine to release the locked files:

# prlctl suspend $VM_NAME
# prlctl resume $VM_NAME

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