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Parallels Dispatcher shows wrong size of the backup on NFS share

[root@pcs ~]# prlctl backup-list {9f8b9874-8beb-4bbe-aa91-a6eb4d7557f4}
                                    ID Backup_ID                              Node                 Date                 Type       Size
{9f8b9874-8beb-4bbe-aa91-a6eb4d7557f4} {e70f1b0c-ec9e-4845-bf1e-c3b5dce202b0} test.vm 12/29/2014 22:11:14     f      18985

[root@nodevps01 ~]# du -sh /backup/\{9f8b9874-8beb-4bbe-aa91-a6eb4d7557f4\}/\{e70f1b0c-ec9e-4845-bf1e-c3b5dce202b0\}/
4.8G    /backup/{9f8b9874-8beb-4bbe-aa91-a6eb4d7557f4}/{e70f1b0c-ec9e-4845-bf1e-c3b5dce202b0}/

In the example above backup-list shows the backup size is 18 KB, while it is 4.8GB in fact.


NFS by default caches attributes, when Parallels Dispatcher scan the backup folder it receives cached size value.


noac option need to be added to the mount options, e.g.:

[root@pcs ~]# mount -t nfs /backup -o soft,noac
[root@pcs ~]# grep nfs /etc/fstab        /backup nfs     defaults,soft,noac     0 0

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