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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtual Automation 6.0


The following symptoms can be observed in the Virtual Automation web interface:

  • Some nodes appear Offline.
  • Wrong or outdated information is displayed about running virtual environments.
  • Accessing a VE gives the error "The requested container could not be found."
  • The servers are listed as "deleted".
  • Backup tasks are not completed successful.

The following messages can be found in VA log on the management node (/var/log/pva/mn/*-vzagent.log):

T=22:28:34:046; L=(err); PID=4331; TID=2b82a0806250; P=VZLDBSchema [onRdbmsError] RDBMS error (102) : DB Error 1054 (Unknown column 'netfilterMode' in 'field list') in query
INSERT INTO `VZ_Container` (`eid`, `offline_management`, `onBoot`, `originSample`, `veRoot`, `vePrivate`, `veId`, `allowReboot`, `slmMode`, `netfilterMode`, `osTemplateId`) VALUES ('4b37e61f-dbff-402c-b32f-72d93f2d7f0a', '1', '1', 'Linux-Professional', '/vz/root/$VEID', '/vz/private/$VEID', '693390', NULL, 'all', NULL, NULL)

T=22:28:34:046; L=(wrn); PID=4331; TID=2b82a0806250; P=VZLFunctionalityCore [insert] EnvCache::insert called for 4b37e61f-dbff-402c-b32f-72d93f2d7f0a, returning -1.
T=22:28:34:047; L=(udf); PID=4331; TID=2b82a0806250; P=VZLServerGroup [doHandleError] Can't start monitoring of client 18a5a397-20c7-4395-a1aa-a31599e2ec7f: can't update env config/status list, envcache unavailable.
T=22:29:09:813; L=(err); PID=4331; TID=2b82a0806250; P=VZLFunctionalityCore [update] EnvUpdater is not found for ''.


Virtual Automation update was interrupted on the stage of post-upgrade procedures. There is no message about the successful update in /var/log/pva/setup/*_pva-setup.log, and post-upgrade scripts weren't performed:

# tail /var/log/pva/setup/15.06.30_09.22.04_pva-setup.log
06/30/15 09:23:09                       - pva-mn-core-third-6.0-873
06/30/15 09:23:09       *** RPM transaction successfully finished
06/30/15 09:23:09               Storing postupgrade hint '/var/opt/pva/setup/downloads/linux/x86_64/10/6.0-2791/hints/
06/30/15 09:23:09               Storing postupgrade hint '/var/opt/pva/setup/downloads/linux/x86_64/10/6.0-2791/hints/
06/30/15 09:23:09               Storing postupgrade hint '/var/opt/pva/setup/downloads/linux/x86_64/10/6.0-2791/hints/
06/30/15 09:23:09               > Performing PVA 4.6 postupgrade configuration
06/30/15 09:23:09                       - Configuring component 'PVA Management Server Core'
06/30/15 09:23:09                       - Reconfigurating PVA Management Server Core
06/30/15 09:23:09                       * LinuxHelper::execute_command - executing
sh /var/opt/pva/setup/downloads/linux/x86_64/10/6.0-2791/hints/ --packages "linux/x86_64/10/6.0-2791/files/RPMS/pva-mn-core-6.1-916.x86_64.rpm linux/x86_64/10/6.0-2791/files/RPMS/pva-mn-core-third-6.1-916.x86_64.rpm"

Most likely, VA MN was upgraded from VA MN web interface.


Run post-upgrade scripts manually and reconfigure pvacc:

  1. Go to the hints folder, supplied with the latest VA MN update. For example, for VA MN 6.0-3112:

    # cd /var/opt/pva/setup/downloads/linux/x86_64/10/6.0-3112/hints/
  2. Add executable permission to the scripts:

    # chmod a+x *
  3. Execute scripts continuously:

    # ./
    # ./
    # ./
  4. Reconfigure pvacc:

    # pvacc reconfigure

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