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Virtual Automation (PVA) is a flexible and easy-to-use administration tool designed for managing physical servers with Virtuozzo Containers or Parallels Server Bare Metal or Parallels Cloud Server software. With PVA, you can create groups of physical servers and perform both collective and individual administration operations on these groups. Moreover, you can manage the virtual environments residing on the registered physical servers: their productivity and resources, system tasks and processes, configuration, and much more.

In order to find out the latest versions of PVA agent and it`s compatibility with other Odin products visit:

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To avoid possible compatibility issues between PVA Agent on virtualization nodes and PVA MN it is highly recommended to have the same version of PVA Agent and PVA MN (or the closest versions possible) .

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For basic PVA troubleshooting steps, see:

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Before you try to register a node, check:

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  1. When PVA MN cannot reach the virtualization node over the network, an attempt to register a new node will fail with:

    An error occurred during the registration. Please verify the server address and user credentials
    Failed to register the physical server. Make sure that it has PVA Agent for Virtuozzo or for Parallels Server installed and is accessible via the network.
  2. If the new node registration stuck on "Connecting to Hardware Node":


Most probably PVA Agent does not respond. Try to restart PVA Agent on the virtualization node you are trying to register.


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Known issues

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Also see

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Hardware node for PVA

Connecting to Hardware Node

offline slave node




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