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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


  • Windows container to virtual machine migration fails:

    [root@virtuozzo ~]# pmigrate c administrator@ v WindowsVM
    Connecting to administrator@
    Querying configuration...
    Operation progress 10 %
    Error: Failed to migrate PVC 101
    Unable to get the necessary information about the Container. For details, see the log file on he source server:
    * On Linux - /var/log/parallels.log
    * On Windows - %SystemRoot%\Logs\Parallels.log
  • In %SystemRoot%\Logs\Parallels.log the following errors can be found:

    08-25 10:53:30.627 I /VzMigration:1112:13ac/
       get_vz_free_space: nbdmig[62250934] query free space (0)
    08-25 10:53:30.627 F /VzMigration:1112:13ac/
    VZ ERROR   : (e:\build\4.6.490.0\sources\virtuozzo\vzwin\vzmain\vznbdmig\vznbdmig.c:1737)
    08-25 10:53:30.627 F /VzMigration:1112:13ac/
        vzNbdMigTransfer: nbdmig[62250934] Not enough HN drive space. Drive should have at least 17064 MBs of free bytes to perform migration. (0)
  • The partition, where this container is located, has enough free space [ 17064MB in this example ].

  • The container resides on a non-system partition, and the system partition has no such free space available [ 17064MB in this example ].


The root cause of failed migration is a flaw in source node free space detection. The issue was acknowledged as a product bug with internal ID PCWIN-22639.


The permanent fix is included in Virtuozzo containers 4.6 update 91. Install the latest updates on the source server to mitigate the issue.

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Unable to get the necessary information about the Container

Not enough HN drive space

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