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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


After an unexpected restart of a Virtuozzo server in Virtuozzo cluster, various effects can be observed.

  • Virtual environments are marked as 'Invalid' in the output of prlctl list command.

    ~# prlctl list -a |grep invalid
    {7d88aab8-1a47-4a8a-9c75-f5146192e458}  invalid     VM 1001001.VirtualMachine
    {49839956-2cba-4b37-a934-6f88943ffb9e}  invalid     CT 2002002.Container
  • Information in database of IM service (Instance Manager of OACI) may contain duplicate records, servers in OACI can be shown with 'Unknown' status.

    im=> select * from duplicates;
      ve_ref | hn_uuid |           detected
         743 | 7341    | 2015-08-24 06:06:12.20023+02
         571 | 7341    | 2015-08-24 06:06:12.480879+02


To manage a virtual environment, this environment should be registered in the server.

There are two distinct places:

  • configuration of Dispather service running on Virtuozo server
  • files of virtual environments stored inside of home/private directories

Upon relocation of an environment to other server, the information in the configuration file of Dispatcher service on this server can be not updated and contain obsoleted information.


Since virtual environments are registered on other servers already, those environments should be unregistered from this one.

  1. Virtual machines can be unregistered in this way:

    ~# prlctl list -a --vmtype vm | while read uuid status rest; do [ "$status" = invalid ] || continue; echo -n $uuid..; prlctl unregister $uuid; done
  2. Containers can be unregistered on the server in this way:

    ~# prlctl list -a | while read uuid status rest; do [ "$status" = invalid ] || continue; ctroot=$(prlctl list $uuid -if | awk '/^Home:/{print$NF}'); echo -n $uuid.. ${ctroot##*/}..; vzctl unregister ${ctroot##*/}; done

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