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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


  1. Dispatcher crashed on stopping and stops all virtual machines.

    08-18 17:25:24.715 F /disp:680123:680123/ Dispatcher now in stopping state. This 'stop' would be ignored.
    08-18 17:25:24.716 F /disp:680123:680123/ Dispatcher service deinited. [ version = 6.9.23859.1130710 [ mode = SERVER ] ]
    08-18 17:25:24.716 F /disp:680123:680123/ Dispatcher now in stopping state. This 'stop' would be ignored.
    08-18 17:26:10.726 F /sdk:9626:9658/ Can't connect to dispatcher!
    08-18 17:26:12       watchdog: prl_disp_service crash detected
    08-18 17:26:12       watchdog: restarting prl_disp_service
  2. When trying to connect to the dispatcher the following message appears:

    Login failed: Unable to complete the operation. Parallels Server is shutting down. Try again later
  3. Dispatcher stop/crash happens right after unsuccessful migration of virtual environment that ended up with SIGTERM:

    08-18 14:05:07.651 F /disp:993565:643234/ connect to the target dispatcher: host '' port 64000
    08-18 14:05:07.756 F /disp:993565:994293/ Processing command 'DspCmdDirGetVmList' 2029 (PJOC_SRV_GET_VM_LIST)
    08-18 14:05:07.889 F /disp:993565:643310/ Sending SIGTERM to 643309...
    08-18 14:05:07.891 F /disp:993565:993565/ SIGTERM was caught by handler2. Stop started...
    08-18 14:05:07.910 F /disp:993565:993565/ Stop of VMs. Please wait...
    08-18 14:05:08.048 F /disp:993565:423575/ Processing command 'DspCmdGetHostCommonInfo' 2048 (PJOC_SRV_GET_COMMON_PREFS)
    08-18 14:05:08.493 F /disp:993565:993565/ Try to stop Vm MyVM ({01fca59a-c6dd-4663-9f76-dda3f5c3ebc8}) by ACPI-SHUTDOWN command.


The issue will be addressed in scope of PSBM-34986


Permanent fix will be included in future updates.

There is no workaround available, the recommendation is to minimize the virtual machines migrations between nodes till the fix is released.

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