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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


If physical interface name is given to the virtual network via vznetcfg, it leads to the IP address change of the physical interface. For example, after the following command:

[root@vz6 ~]# vznetcfg net new eth1

The server is no longer accessible, since IP address of eth1 is changed to the address like that is used for host-only networks.


When the new virtual network is firstly created via vznetcfg, it is created as Host-only by default.

vznetcfg creates the records for new networks in /etc/parallels/network.xml file.

This file is used by parallels-server service not only to manage virtual networks but also physical interfaces.


vznetcfg should not be used for creating virtual networks with the same name as physical interface.

prlsrvct should be used instead, for example:

[root@vz6 ~]# prlsrvctl net add eth1 -t bridged -i eth1

To return the original IP address to the interface it should be restarted

[root@vz6 ~]# ifdown eth1 ; ifup eth1

To make it permanent and delete the incorrect virtual network:

  1. Stop dispatcher on the node (please note that it will stop all VM's on the node):

    [root@vz6 ~]#  service parallels-server stop
  2. Delete the lines belongs to the virtual network created with vznetcfg from /etc/vz/vznet.conf:

  3. Edit /etc/parallels/network.xml to delete the VirtualNetwork sections belongs to the incorrect Host-Only network. For example, the following section should be deleted:

    <VirtualNetwork id="3" dyn_lists="VZVirtualNetwork 0">
             <Description>Host Only Network #2</Description>
             <HostOnlyNetwork dyn_lists="">
                <ParallelsAdapter dyn_lists="">
                   <Name>Parallels Host-Only #2</Name>
                <DHCPServer dyn_lists="">
                   <IPReservations dyn_lists="IPReservation 0"/>
                <DHCPv6Server dyn_lists="">
                   <IPReservations dyn_lists="IPReservation 0"/>
                <NATServer dyn_lists="">
                   <PortForwarding dyn_lists="">
                      <TCP dyn_lists="ForwardEntry 0"/>
                      <UDP dyn_lists="ForwardEntry 0"/>
  4. Start dispatcher:

    [root@vz6 ~]#  service parallels-server start

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