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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


pcompact does not perform defragmentation.

This can be checked with ploop-baloon tool

[root@vz6 ~]# ploop-balloon discard --defrag /vz/private/840/root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml
Trying to find free extents bigger than 0 bytes
Call FITRIM, for minlen=33554432
Call FITRIM, for minlen=16777216
Call FITRIM, for minlen=8388608
Call FITRIM, for minlen=4194304
Call FITRIM, for minlen=2097152
Call FITRIM, for minlen=1048576
0 clusters have been relocated
  • In the output above there is no line Start defrag dev=


--defrag option was ignored since e2fsprogs-e4defrag2-static package is not installed by default.

[root@vz6 ~]# rpm -q e2fsprogs-e4defrag2-static
package e2fsprogs-e4defrag2-static is not installed

This behavior recognized as product issue PSBM-39959


Install package manually:

[root@vz6 ~]#  yum install e2fsprogs-e4defrag2-static

The correct output of ploop-baloon tool should be looking like this:

[root@vz6 ~]# ploop-balloon discard --defrag /vz/private/840/root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml
    Start defrag dev=/dev/ploop11764p1 mnt=/vz/root/840 blocksize=2048
pass4 group:0 Relocated inodes:361, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 1148
pass4 group:16 Relocated inodes:63, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 1174
pass4 group:17 Relocated inodes:143, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 353
pass4 group:18 Relocated inodes:41, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 1026
pass4 group:32 Relocated inodes:83, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 130
pass4 group:33 Relocated inodes:15, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 514
pass4 group:48 Relocated inodes:237, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 858
pass4 group:49 Relocated inodes:266, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 2966
pass4 group:50 Relocated inodes:227, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 984
pass4 group:51 Relocated inodes:24, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 541
pass4 group:64 Relocated inodes:184, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 868
pass4 group:65 Relocated inodes:64, local:0 extents: 0, blocks 232
Trying to find free extents bigger than 0 bytes
TRUNCATED: 1 cluster-blocks (1048576 bytes)
38 clusters have been relocated

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