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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


Restoring a backup that has been created with a prefix like via GUI will result in the following error:

Internal error: Failed to exec pmm-ras: [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: pmm-ras started : /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/pmm-ras --get-dump-info --dump-file-specification=_info_1511250410.xml --session-path=/var/log/plesk/PMM/logs --debug [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Repository \'/var/lib/psa/dumps\': Initializing... [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Transport: Get repository transport /var/lib/psa/dumps [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Transport: Init credentials for user \'\' [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Repository \'/var/lib/psa/dumps\': Initialized [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Repository \'/var/lib/psa/dumps\': Get backup info from _info_1511250410.xml [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Repository \'/var/lib/psa/dumps\': Get initial backup info from dir .discovered/_info_1511250410 [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: : invalid size of dump, cannot be converted to numeric [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Read properties from xml _info_1511250410.xml [2015-11-25 04:11:13.315| 8307] INFO: Transport: get local file \'_info_1511250410.xml\' [2015-11-25 04:11:13.355| 8307] INFO: pmm-ras finished. Exit code: 127 ', )). 


Internal software issue with id #PPPM-2187. It was fixed in Plesk 12.5


Upgrade to Plesk 12.5 by using KB #112166.

If upgrade is not an option please use workaround: use dd-mm-yyyy format when creating a backup.

As for already existing backups with prefix like, they can be restored using pleskrestore utility :

# /usr/local/psa/bin/pleskrestore --restore /var/lib/psa/dumps/21.10.2014_info_1410211423.xml -level server -configuration-only

Search Words

failed to exec pmm-ras

backup with prefix

INFO: : invalid size of dump, cannot be converted to numeric

unable to restore backup

Failed to exec pmm-ras: (array ( 'code'

Unable to restore backup

Creating a Backup with a prefix like '' will result in an internal error on restoration.

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