Article ID: 127623, created on Nov 30, 2015, last review on Dec 9, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6

Issue date: 2015-30-11

1. Topic:

This update for Virtuozzo 4.6 for Windows provides container to vm migration feature improvements.

2. Update description:

1) Added optinal chkdsk on volumes for clone operations in c2v

Added chkdsk flag, which can be specified for any clone operations to check volumes with VZVolumeChkdsk() before copy.

When HKLM\Software\SWSoft\Virtuozzo\c2v-chkdsk optional DWORD value is 1, all clone commands internalling called from c2v migration will have this flag on and thus running chkdsk on its clones.

2) Run on_vps_c2v.cmd script during c2v migration if script exist in VZINSTALL directory and if flag c2v-runscript under key HKLM\SOFTWARE\SWsoft\Virtuozzo is set to 1.

3. Affected components:

• c2v

4. Obtaining and installing the update:

On the Hardware Node, run the Parallels Containers Update wizard (vzupdate.exe), and follow the on-screen instructions. This wizard will install the latest Parallels Containers updates and hotfixes. You can also install this update manually.

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