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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows

We are excited to announce full support for PHP7 out of the box in Plesk 12.5 for both Linux and Windows operation systems! PHP7 introduces a lot of new features and enhancements, including significantly improved performance. Installation instructions and known issues are available below.


  • Install via GUI

    Just go to the Plesk Installer interface and choose the PHP7 component (Add/Remove Components > Web hosting features > Different PHP interpreters versions).


  • Install via CLI

on Linux

    #plesk sbin autoinstaller --select-product-id plesk --select-release-current  --install-component php7.0

on Windows

    "%plesk_bin%"\ai.exe -select-product-id plesk --select-release-current  --install-component php70

After installation, PHP7 will be available for selection in service plans and website hosting settings.

Note: Please check complete instructions about Multiple PHP versions usage here

Known Issues and Limitations

  • At this moment, only two applications from APS Catalog support PHP7 on clients’ web sites: WordPress and Drupal.
  • The OPCache module is disabled by default on Windows because of the PHP issue This issue affects only the sites with different PHP versions running in the same IIS application pool. If this issue does not affect your site, you can enable the OPCache module (click PHP Settings and set on for the opchache.enable option).
  • PHP 7 is not yet displayed in the list of components in Tools & Settings >Server Components on Linux. This will be fixed in the next Plesk updates.
  • PHP7 is available for Plesk 12.5 only.

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