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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


  • It is not possible to change the disk size of the container:

    C:\> vzctl set 101 --save --diskspace 100000000
    Not enough disk space: only 79561136 blocks is free.
  • The container image file root.efd occupies much more space than the actual data inside of it:

    C:\> vzquota stat 101
    disk  resource   usage     hardlimit  path
    C:    1k-blocks  38079456   71859200  C:\vz\Private\101\root.efd

    The root.efd file, on the other hand, occupies a large amount of space:

    C:\> dir C:\vz\Private\101\root.efd
    02/02/2016  02:31 AM   124,725,710,336 root.efd
  • The following warning is recorded inside C:\vzlog\<date>-vzlog.txt file:

    L=WARNING; R=87(135); C=0(0); M=135 []  Not enough disk space to shrink: CTID 101 disk C:


It is required to shrink the image file of the container, but the hardware node doesn't have enough space to perform this operation.


Increase the amount of free disk space to perform the shrink. The container can be shrunk either automatically next time or manually as described in the following article:

3972 Virtuozzo shrink options

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