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  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows

Release notes

Plesk is pleased to introduce the new Micro-Update #21 for the 12.5.30 version of Plesk.

The 12.5.30 MU#21 update is recommended for all Plesk users and includes general functionality fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Plesk server.

To ensure optimal server reliability and security, we strongly recommend keeping your operating system and Plesk software up-to-date.

What's changed

[+] The support for Hungarian and Arabic languages was added to Plesk.

[+] (On Windows) The support for ionCube Loader was added to Plesk.

[*] (On Windows) Upgrade procedure from Plesk 12.0 was improved (decrease upgrade time)

The following issues were resolved:

[-] Plesk's XML API returned TXT DNS records in lower case. (PPPM-3848)

[-] If the database server was restarted during long backups, some data was not backed up. (PPPM-3941)

[-] Tabs in the Server-Wide Mail Settings were not available in Plesk for mobile devices. (PPPM-3768)

[-] (on Linux) When attempting to install a license for Plesk for VPS on QEMU/KVM environment, users received the error "The license key is invalid". (PPPM-3575)

[-] (on Linux) Crontab sent extra notifications to users. (PPPM-2477, PPPM-3437)

[-] (on Linux) After creating the file "root.crontab.lock" in the directory "/usr/local/psa/var", the administrator was still able to access the cron jobs created for the root user. (PPPM-3660)

[-] (on Linux) It was possible to assign a disk space quota for web users separately from subscription’s system users. (PPPM-3625)

[-] (on Windows) Plesk's XML API changed DNS records to lower case for domains with domain names in mixed case. (PPPM-3899)

[-] (on Windows) In some cases, users were unable to configure the limit on outgoing massages for a domain. (PPPM-3650)

Plesk Migrator

[+] If XML API on the source Plesk server is not available, migration is still possible.

[+] Plesk Migrator installation on Windows is more easy and intuitive now because of adding an MSI installer, automatic firewall configuration, and other improvements.

[+] Plesk Migrator was translated to other languages.

[+] The administrator can now perform migration from Helm 3 using the Plesk Migrator user interface.

[-] Migration from Helm 3 failed if some of the source servers did not exist anymore. (PMT-2315)

[-] Migration from cPanel failed in case of broken "shadow" file for a domain on the source server. (PMT-2432)

[-] Migration of the whole server could not be performed without replacement of existing domains. (PMT-2538)


[+] - Added

[-] - Fixed

[*] - Improvement

Installation instructions

#9294 : Using Micro-Updates in Plesk

A complete list of changes can be found here:

Plesk 12.5 Change Log

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