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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Sitebuilder 4.x for Linux/Unix
  • Sitebuilder 3.x for Linux/Unix


Sometimes it is necessary to have  an easy way to redirect an already logged user, from custom control panel to the sitebuilder control panel, something like single sign-on.


Sitebuilder feature "External Login" functionality specifically for that purpose.

This is the way for a 3rd-party website to seamlessly integrate the SiteBuilder UI into their navigation.

It works like follows:

- you direct either GET or POST query to the handler address:

http://sitebuilderserver.tld/ExternalLogin.ashx (SiteBuilder for Windows)

http://sitebuilderserver.tld/external_login.php  (SiteBuilder for Linux)

Where http://sitebuilderserver.tld/ means your Sitebuilder application root (Note that there is no such file - external login is performed by an HTTP handler), and parameters are:

  • "Login". User login Id. Required
  • "Password". User password. Required.
  • "SiteID". ID of the site to open in Wizard after successfull login. Optional.
  • "ShowAdmin". If not empty (and no SiteID were used) will redirect to the admin panel on successfull login. Optional
  • "HideNavigation". Makes sense only for ShowAdmin: hides the navigation on the left. Not supported since Sitebuilder 4.0 for Linux
  • "DisableGoToAdminPanel". Removes the button "Go to Admin Panel" from Wizard UI for the duration of the session. Applies only to Sitebuilder 4.0 for Linux and subsequent versions.
  • "ReturnUrl". An URL to redirect to on a successfull login. Used if neither SiteID nor ShowAdmin are present. Optional.
  • "FailUrl". An URL to redirect to on a login failure. Optional, but highly recommended to specify.
  • "Skin". An id of skin to select in the new session. Can be one of the following in SB 3.0 and 3.1:
    • WinXPReloadedCompact
    • AquaCompact
    • PleskBlue
    • PleskSea
    • PleskViolet
    • LonghornBlack
    • WinXPBlue
    • WinXPOlivegreen
    • WinXPSilver
    • LonghornAero
  • "Language". Defines the session UI language by standard culture code, for example "en", "en-US", or "ru-RU". Optional.

Here is a GET request example:

Windows: http://sitebuilderserver.tld/ExternalLogin.ashx?Login=admin&Password=admin&ShowAdmin=1&HideNavigation=1&FailUrl=someurl&Skin=AquaCompact
Unix/Linux: http://sitebuilderserver.tld/external_login.php?Login=admin&Password=admin&ShowAdmin=1&HideNavigation=1&FailUrl=someurl&Skin=AquaCompact

Note: POST request is recommended to avoid saving the sensitive info in the browser navigation history

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