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  • Plesk 7.5 for Windows


The server has two network interface cards (one public network and one private one). At various points while using Sitebuilder from a client computer, the web browser quits trying to connect to the public IP address and starts trying to connect to the private IP address.


By default, it uses automatic address binding for site previews based on IIS settings.
It works in the following way:

- It takes first IIS binding in the list.
- If a host header is specified, it uses the host header.
- If the header is not set, it takes an IP address.
- If IP address is not set, it takes the first IP from the network adapter IP list.
- If the port is set, it uses an add-on to the address that was obtained in the previous steps.
So, the problem can be resolved by configuring the exact IP address or host header in the _first_ binding.

If some custom configuration is used and the solution above is unacceptable, the base address for the site previews can be configured manually:

1. Open %SB_DIR%\Hosting Srevice\bin\HostingService.exe.config.

2.  Edit the file and configure the required address:

<add key="PreconfiguredUrl"value="" />

After applying the changes, it is necessary to restart Sitebuilder's services:

net stop SBPreviewHost
net stop SBUpdater
net start SBPreviewHost
net start SBUpdater{cle{

Then please restart the Sitebuilder site's application pool as well.

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