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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


When I am trying to migrate my Virtual Environment (VE) using the “vzmigrate” utility from one node to another I receive the following error message:

Can't authorize nodes :
Get ssh keys: (null)
Can't authorize nodes


The remote node cannot authorize the request due to the incorrect credentials.


1. Please make sure that correct syntax is used:

vzmigrate –A <remote_ip> -P <remote_service_ve _password> VEID


- remote_ip is IP of the node providing that service VE has private IP and running in NAT mode


- remote_ip is IP of service VE which has public/private IP which is assessable for the source node and SVE is running without NAT mode

2. Please make sure that there is no openssh software running on the node. Openssh uses port 22 which is required for migration. So it’s necessary to use Service VE without NAT mode.

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