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No. The core applications that should be installed directly on the hardware node should be limited to:

The host operating system
The Virtuozzo product itself
Anti-virus protection
Backup software for the server itself

Note: Virtuozzo provides a mechanism to backup and restore its own virtual environments created on the server itself.

Application templates provide a way of sharing applications and other software resources among one or more virtual environments.  This templating process saves disk space and memory resources.

By design, Virtuozzo provides both OS templates and application templates.

Once a virtual environment is created, one or more application templates may be added to it. Examples of application templates that are provided with Virtuozzo include the msde, openssh, and Plesk templates.  

To create a custom application template, Virtuozzo includes an Application Template Wizard.  An application template is a set of files and registry settings for a given application.

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