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I have VE which is running Plesk below of 7.6.1 version , non templated Plesk 7.6.1(or higher) or non default Plesk 7.6.1 (or higher) configuration (Plesk is running under apache as in older versions). When I enable offline management I cannot reach Plesk Control Panel outside of VE. I get “Service Unavailable” error.


Since Virtuozzo update VZU35123, VZU35125 Plesk integration in VZPP was implemented. However it works only with Plesk 7.6.1 (or higher) which is installed from template.  Any other old Plesk versions or Plesk 7.6.1 (or higher) which is installed manually (not through template)  or  if Plesk is configured to use apache instead of IIS as control panel background do not support this option and if you try to access https://VE_IP:8443 it goes to Service VE (in case of enabled offline management)  and fails there.


1. Open “regedit” , go to the following key:


and remove “vzpp-plesk” value.

2. Open x:\vz\conf\0.conf file and change the following string:
- OfflineServices="vzpp;vzpp-plesk"
+ OfflineServices="vzpp"

Save 0.conf file.

3. Then please run the following commands to apply new setting (please ignore the warnings which could appear there):

vzctl set 0 --offline_management no --save

vzctl set 0 --offline_management yes --save

Note : If you have Plesk 7.6.1 (or higher) version and have the same error, please see the following related article.

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