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When I try to register my node with the Virtuozzo Management Console (VZMC), I receive the following error message:

SSH connection was established but vzagent doesn’t answer.

Even I recreate the Service VE (SVE), I still receive the same error. If I try to connect using the Virtuozzo Control Center (VZCC)using the address https://service_vps_ip:4643, I still receive an “Application Error” message.


The vzagent functionality requires that the Workstation service has been started and is running on the host node. The best method to verify if it is running is to execute the following command on the node:

net view \\IP_of_Virtuozzo_Virtual_Adapter

The command should return either a list of shares available or a message that "no shares available".. If an error is returned, then this implies that something else is wrong. Most likely the VZMC will not work even if the Workstation service is enabled on the node.


From the list of the Network Connections, please select the Properties of the Virtuozzo Virtual Connection adapter. From the Properties menu, please ensure that the check box for Client for Microsoft network is enabled. If not , check the box and rerun the VZMC again.

Also it could be the situation that installation of Microsoft Client is corrupted. In this case it is necessary to unbind one in Properties of Virtuozzo Virtual Connection adapter. reboot the node and bind it again. Then check if it is possible to connect with VZMC now.

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