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  • Applies to:
  • Sitebuilder 3.x for Windows


The content and structure of the transferred sites are copied with the following limitations:

  • The module content migration is not supported during the transfer. Instead of modules, SiteBuilder 3.2 for Windows inserts the placeholders with messages and module names.
  • It may be necessary to do some additional manual correction work on some of the references since the find/replace scheme of src- and href- references on the pages is based on the simple and regular expressions. Only src- and href- of regular attributes are replaced automatically, but for scripts and other elements, this replacement is not supported.
  • Plans are transferred to SiteBuilder 3.2 for Windows without attributes which present only in the previous version of the program.
  • The templates and modules, included in SiteBuilder 2.0.5 for Windows Plans, but not included in SiteBuilder 3.2 for Windows are ignored during transfer. If the elements, included in the SiteBuilder 2.0.5 for Windows Plan, do not correspond with SiteBuilder 3.2 for Windows elements completely, then SiteBuilder 3.2 for Windows Plan may include default limits, License limits, or limits contained in the "parents" Plan.

Note: During the host transfer, for the SiteBuilder 2.0.5 for Windows hosts, containing the range of hosts, one new host is created per one IP address of this range.


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