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Is a VPN client or server supported inside a container?


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to establish a secure network connection over an unsecured public network.

By default, the VPN support inside a VE is disabled. However, you can use the "--vpn" option of the vzctl set command to allow a VE to take advantage of VPN technology benefits.

Let us assume that you wish to turn on the VPN support inside VE 101. To do this, execute the following commands on the Hardware Node:

    C:\> vzctl set 101 --vpn on --save
    Command 'set' is successfully finished
    C:\> vzctl restart 101

To verify that the VPN support is now turned on inside VE 101, run the following command:

    C:\> vzlist -o nettype 101

The command output shows that VE 101 is currently operating in the host-routed mode and that the VPN support is enabled inside the VE. From this moment on, you can start connecting VE 101 to private networks in the same way you would on any other standalone computer (e.g., using the New Connection Wizard which can be launched by double-clicking the New Connection Wizard icon in the Network Connections applet).

At any time, you can disable the VPN support inside VE 101 by issuing the following command:

    C:\...\Administrator>vzctl set 101 --vpn off --save
    Command 'set' is successfully finished

Note: This option supports the Microsoft VPN client only. Any other VPN client is not supported.

Additional information

Enabling VPN support allows Virtuozzo Containers to operate as a VPN client or VPN server (if the application was installed).

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