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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0
  • Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 SP1


The vznetif driver is the driver which has its own internal interface and provides with connectivity to vzadapter driver for VEs connection and vzbridge driver to connect with node. It can be thought of as the Virtuozzo Virtual Network connection. The vzbridge driver is the key point in networking (i.e. forwarding traffic from the Virtuozzo Virtual connection to actual NICs themselves.

The vznetif driver modifies packets as necessary (for NAT or Offline Management) and makes decisions on what the vzbridge driver should do with a packet (i.e. pass or drop).

By default, when the vznetif driver is installed, all packets are passed through without changes.

As needed, the vznetif driver performs the following features:

  - Bridged mode
  - Offline Management
  - Network Address Translation (NAT)
  - Port mapping
  - Traffic shaping (for Virtuozzo 4.0 )

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