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  • Applies to:
  • Sitebuilder 2.x for Linux/Unix


Most probably modules API version is set not correctly in Sitebuilder database.


You need to make sure that each module have correct API version in Sitebuilder database. Try to check it with help of following queries:

This query outputs 'modules_api_version' (<VERSION>) from general Sitebuilder settings:
mysql -usb_user -psb_user sitebuilder -e "select * from sb_settings where prop_name='modules_api_version';"

Next query outputs 'modules_api_version' version for each module:
mysql -usb_user -psb_user sitebuilder -e "select module_id,modules_api_version from sb_modules";

 If some API version is not the same for one of the module you need to update it with help of the following command:
mysql -usb_user -psb_user sitebuilder -e "update sb_modules set modules_api_version=<VERSION>;"

<VERSION> - is the version which you get from the first query. In most cases <VERSION>=1.1.

Please note, that user 'sb_user' and password 'sb_user' are default user and password for MySQL database. Generally, these credentials located in SITEBUILDER_ROOT/include/config.php file: $sb_dbuser  and $sb_dbpasswd parameters.

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