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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0


This configuration may be used for testing and development of cluster-aware applications only, but doesn’t require a SAN.

The scenario covered in this article is similar to SAN-based Application clustering in VEs. However, SAN is not required in this case, since shared SCSI storage can be emulated by a loopback file, that should be located locally.

Implementation of this clustering scenario requires that:

- The shared loopback file is represented to clustering software in VEs as SCSI/block device.

- Other set of requirements, applicable to SAN-based Application clustering in VEs scenario are satisfied. 

Implementation on a single Virtuozzo Server.

Application Cluster in VEs can be implemented on a single Virtuozzo Server by clustering two or more Virtual Environments. In this case a loopback file is created on the same server and is shared by VEs. The picture below illustrates a Virtuozzo Server, VE 1 being an active Cluster Node, VE 2 – passive. Both VEs share access to the loopback file that is represented as a SCSI drive inside both VEs.

How to deploy shared loopback based Application in a VE clustering scenario

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