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PBA-S-managed name servers (slave name servers) are under DDoS attack.

DNS open recursion service can be used to conduct malicious attacks on a network. This can occur when the default setting for DNS services is not adjusted upon installation. When used maliciously, the service can send Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks by a third party with malicious intentions.

How to protect them?


This can be prevented by adjusting your DNS settings. You may adjust name server configuration file on the PBA-S-managed name servers directory. Usually named configuration file is /etc/named.conf:

version "unknown";
allow-transfer {none;};
allow-recursion {none;};
allow-query-cache {none;}; // for BIND 9.4+
recursion no;
additional-from-cache no;

Remember to include all IP-pools used by your customer's into the list of networks allowed to use recursive queries - replace "allow-recursion {none;};" with "allow-recursion { %list of clients IP addresses%; };". Restart named service to apply the changes:

~# service named restart

Please refer to the following resource - Adjusting DNS to secure servers against DDoS attacks for specific settings for:

Windows servers running DNS
Bind under Windows Plesk

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