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  • Applies to:
  • Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows


Sitebuilder doesn’t show login screen when it’s accessed by somedomain.tld and goes to wizard page instead.


Actually it’s default Sitebuilder behavior.


Default behavior of Sitebuilder is to redirect the visitors who enter the root folder into Wizard; when Trial sites are enabled this starts a new trial site etc.  To access login page please use http://somedomain/Admin.

However the following workaround can be applied:

The default behavior is

http://somedomain.tld/ -> Default document: default.aspx -> RedirectTo: /Wizard ->Default document: default.aspx

In order to change this, the following trick is used:

1. Create an empty file in Sitebuilder\Web folder; name it Redirect.html

2. In IIS Manager, open Properties Dialog for the new file (Redirect.html) and specify for it "Redirection to a designated URL". The specified value should be  "/Admin/" for an URL.
3. In IIS Manager, open Properties Dialog for the SiteBuilder Web Site and on Default Documents tab add "Redirect.html" and move it above the Default.aspx.

Note: Decline to propagate this change downwards when IIS asks for that!

4. Now the resolution schema is as follows:

http://somedomain.tld/ -> Default document: Redirect.html -> RedirectTo: /Admin/ -> Redirect to login screen.

Wizard is still visible via any of the following URLs:



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