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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0


Starting from Virtuozzo 4.0 version it is possible to install Virtuozzo on the server which is booted from iSCSI initiator.  However it is necessary to make manual configuration after Virtuozzo installation.

Note: The only limitation is that the server must have separate NIC for iSCSI initiator and separate NIC for network connection.

Installation procedure looks as follows:

Installation of vzbridge should detect that system has MS iSCSI software boot initiator running and bind Vzbridge only to Virtuozzo Virtual Connection adapter.  As it is impossible to detect automatically and reliably what physical network cards are used to connect to iSCSI it is necessary to bind vzbridge to adapters which aren’t used for iSCSI initiator, i.e. to adapters which are connected to the network.  This has to be done after Virtuozzo installation.

To make so it is necessary to go to Start, Control Panel, Network Connections, right click on the issued connection (which are connected to the network), Properties and toggle on a checkbox of SWsoft Virtuozzo Bridge Driver, click OK after that.

In case of more than one physical adapters are used and MS MPIO Multipath is installed for iSCSI boot volume access, it is possible to bind vzbridge even to all network adapters without any harm to the system.

Vzbridge uninstalling/updating will be done automatically, i.e. without user interaction.

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