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  • Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 SP1


NOTE: The actions below are dangerous and can lead to backup corruption. So please keep a copy of modified files before doing any changes there.

Sometimes it is necessary to repair backup to the location which different from the current private area location, e.g. repair to different hardware disk if current one has no enough space.

1. Go to backup folder of required VE. By default it is C:\Vz\Backups\VE_GUID

2. Determinate the latest backup using either the command below:

vzbackup list VED

or simply checking the date of file creation.

Each archive has name like GUID_xxxxxxbk.tib, where xxxxxxkb is unique number which is created basing on time stamp. There are and xxxxxxbk.mdt files in the same folder.

So, each backup has three files.

3. Open xxxxxxbk.mdt in notepad, (choose Word Wrap in Format menu for more friendly view). There are two entries which look like




Please change these entries to the full path on a new desired partition.

Note:  $VEID here is the variable. Do not put real VEID here.

For example E:\vz\Private\$VEID\root and E:\vz\Private\$VEID.

Note: Do not change any other symbols in the file.

Save xxxxxxbk.mdt file.

Do not forget to create E:\vz\private if it still does not exist.

4. Extract VEID.conf file from archive and place the following sting in the very beginning of this file:


Please use the real VEID here.  Save VEID.conf file and add it back to the zip archive.

5. Use the following command to restore backup:

vzrestore NEW_VEID -b backup_id

where backup_id looks like GUID\ xxxxxxbk and can be retrieved with the following command:

vzbackup list VEID

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